What is Intelligent, Integrated, Interactive Media content?

Intelligent, integrated, interactive media is a data and information presentation concept pioneered by our company.

Today’s content has evolved into a complex integration of multiple platforms. Any type of content (article, white papers, application notes, data sheets, even press releases and advertising programs) must be capable of morphing to work on multiple platforms. These platforms include print, company web sites, third party web sites, newsletters, etc. And, it must be capable of being reformatted to the specific requirement of such multiple platforms (to be made compatible with applications such as flash or embedded code).

For this reason, I3M data is developed, from the onset, with this concept in mind. Such data is alive, vibrant, interactive and informative. It is context sensitive and integrates smoothly into the multi-faceted set of technologies. It is cognizant, with an awareness of integration and interrelation. Intelligent, integrated data is capable of running the gamut from static to edge-of-the- envelope interactive (streaming, live links, downloadable content, integrated audio/video, flash, HTML, etc.)

I3M keeps the visitor engaged by presenting the critical content of the data. It appears neither overwhelming, nor complex, yet smoothly integrates the robust, interactive capabilities of the more cutting-edge platforms. It is designed to optimize the visitor’s experience with the perfect blend of technology and content.
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